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Restaurants Offer Healthy Food Options

The hardest part about losing weight is saying "no" to those favorite meals and restaurants. If you have to eat out, some restaurants have menus with lighter choices.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Most people start the new year off lifting weights, and battling the treadmill.

But, after a few weeks, they end up killing their workouts by eating fattening foods.

The key to weight loss is eating right, and if you just can't stay away from that favorite restaurant, Brad Durham suggests choosing something healthier on the menu.

"If you could have a grilled chicken over a breaded fried chicken that's always a good option. Choosing a garden salad that has either romaine of spinach, that's always better," said Durham.

Durham is a Trainer and Co-Owner at B-fit Crossfit in St. Joseph.

He understands that cutting out unhealthy meals, like pasta, isn't always easy.

That's why there are replacements.

"Try to slowly your spaghetti with spaghetti squash. That's a way to still get the Italian that you love, but have something that's a healthier choice for you," said Durham.

Carlos O'Kelly's here in St. Joseph offers some of those healthier meals.

"You can come in, look for things that you want, and then there's a diet option," said Jarrod Myers.

They have a light chicken salad, light pico enchiladas, and a light fajitas chicken enchilada.

They also offer a light margarita, which has half the calories of a regular margarita.

But, fewer calories doesn't always mean it's a better choice.

"We do want to reduce calorie intake because that is overall what helps us to lose weight if we reduce our calories, but what's inside the meal is just as important," said Durham.

If you decide to have a cheat meal - check the calories, but make sure the meal is full of protein and less of carbs.

Health experts recommend choosing meals heavy in protein over meals that are heavy carbs because carbs are sugar-based.

The sugar eventually turns into fat, and the fat causes weight gain.

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