Riverside Tradition Begins Today

Riverside Tradition Begins Today

<br>Wathena-Elwood becomes "One School, One Tradition"

(Wathena, Kansas) -- Neither the town of Elwood nor Wathena were thrilled at the prospect of consolidation--but personal feelings aside--the deal is done and practice has begun.

The Riverside Cyclones held their first official football practice since the two schools consolidated in 2010. Former Wathena Head Coach Scot Koranda is leading the squad into the new era and he'll have plenty of challenges heading into the 2011 season.

Challenge number one will be teaching the Elwood kids the 11-man football rules and techniques. Elwood played 8-man football before the consolidation. 

The second challenge will be developing chemistry. Wathena and Elwood weren't rivals, or even opponents on the football field, but the animosity became evident between the neighboring towns when news of consolidation became reality.

The Cyclones open the 2011 campaign Friday, September 2 vs. Jackson Heights.
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