Salvation Army Thrift Store Making a Move

Salvation Army Thrift Store Making a Move

The Salvation Army's thrift store is closing its doors and moving downtown due to low funds.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Debbie Lawrence has been shopping at the Salvation Army's Thrift Store in St. Joseph for as long as she can remember.

She not only loves the discounted prices, but also the variety.

"You never know what you're going to find. I like to walk around and browse and see what they have," said Lawrence

Soon, she will have to find bargains at a different location. The thrift store is closing its doors and moving downtown. The new location will be at the downtown campus near Messanie and Sixth Street.

Captain Chuck Cook with the Salvation Army says the move is due in part to the budget and issues with the current location that may put people at risk. The old building has a water leak, bulging foundation and other serious problems.

"The reality is that anybody that works in the building has to admit that the building has seen better days and we've used up all the good we can," says Capt. Cook.

They even looked into repairing the building but it was estimated to cost $500,000.

The new location is currently being used as a storage warehouse since the non-profit organization already owns it.

Leaders from the Salvation Army hope the move will be a smooth and fast transition.

Cook says the move was necessary and hopes the community supports it.

"It's not about hurting people it's just about trying to be as economically sound as we can because the reality is we're going to miss our Christmas goal by quite a bit and there's no way to make that up since there's no second Christmas," says Cook.

The new thrift store is set to open in April.

Meanwhile, the Salvation Army is still collecting donations if anyone is interested. Donations can be made to the Salvation Army via their website or checks can be mailed to the downtown location.
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