Samaritans Speak Out about Finding Kecia King

Samaritans Speak Out about Finding Kecia King

As we learn more about the death of Kecia King, found along the side of I-29 with life threatening injuries, the good Samaritans who found the woman are speaking out.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- As we learn more about the death of Kecia King, found along the side of I-29 with life threatening injuries, the people who found her are speaking out.

"I could see she was still breathing," said Heartland nurse, Robin Fuller, who found Kecia King along the side of the road last weekend. "I could tell there was head trauma before I got out of the car."

Fuller, her mother, and her children were driving back from a gymnastics meet in Kansas City late Saturday night.

Fuller said she was caught off guard when she thought she saw something that she said looked like a mummy on the side of the road near mile marker 44 just before midnight.

"I was instantly sick to my stomach," Fuller said.

The Heartland nurse said it was something more than instinct that made her turn back and check. That's where she found King on the side of the road fighting for her life.

"I pulled up and saw her feet first, the black shoes, and saw she was still breathing," Fuller said reliving the moments before help arrived.

The nurse told KQ2 it was almost too much for her to handle. "At one point she closed her eyes and took a deep breath," Fuller said amidst tears. "I told her, you open your eyes and look at me, and she did."

Fuller quickly jumped into action, talking to King to let her know someone was there, and calling 911.

Meanwhile, Bandon and Calandra King also pulled over to help, the couple catching condensation from King's breath in the cold air on the side of the road.

Instantly the Kings jumped to action as well.

"I jumped down on the ground and ran back," Calandra said.

"I laid my hand on her and prayed for her encouraging her to stay with her," said Brandon. "We tried not to move her a whole lot."

It was only a matter of minutes before help arrived. But all three who stopped to help agree those minutes felt like hours.

"We tried to ask her name and she didn't respond. We were doing anything we could to keep her going," Calandra said. "Even though she had passed I think it's important the family know there was someone with her that night."

Court documents allege Kecia was just a few blocks from her home on Sylvanie street at JR's Bar Saturday night. That's where witnesses say they saw her leave with a Mississippi trucker, Kent Harris, who is wanted in her death.

King died of her injuries at Heartland Hospital on Sunday.

Funeral services for King will be held on Saturday.

Robin Fuller said King was an organ donor and her death helped save others lives.

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