School Closed Due to Water Main Break

School Closed Due to Water Main Break

Crews worked overnight to repair a broken water main break in Stewartsville after leaders were forced to cancel school.
(STEWARTSVILLE, Mo.) Crews worked late Thursday night and early Friday to repair a broken water main break in Stewartsville.

Water was shut off for some residents for more than ten hours and even forced school to close.

Charles Paden lives across the street from where the water burst and says it's the second time this has happened and hopes it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

"You don't get to drink water, can't use it for cooking until you boil it. You can take shower and you can wash the dishes if you put Clorox in the water," said Paden.

The water main break happened due to bitter cold temperatures and bad water pipes.

Gaylon Whitmer, the town's mayor says some of the pipes have been in place for more than fifty years.

He says they are currently working on a project to replace them.

"It's an older type of material and with the settling of the ground, the drought and freezing it makes it more vulnerable to break," says Whitmer.

Although the water main break has been repaired the city remains under a boil advisory.

Whenever they decide to repair it Paden hopes it's done right.

"They'll take a street and they'll patch it and it'll be beautiful. Two or three weeks later they got a hole cut in it because they have to dig down in there for something that's broken then they just cover it over," added Paden.

Mayor Whitmer says there's no exact date set on when the town will begin to replace water lines.
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