School Offers Incentives to Students With Good Attendance

School Offers Incentives to Students With Good Attendance

Hall Accelerated School is giving a reward to students who regularly come to class.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Students at Hall Accelerated School will have a lot to celebrate, if they have good attendance this month.

"For us to make the greatest impact with students, they have to be here in our desks each and every day.  If they're not here they're missing out on that direct instruction from their classroom teachers," said Principal Heather Gladhart.

Teachers will give their children gold tickets just for being there.

If you have enough tickets you get to go to a party at the end of the fall semester.

Gladhart says most unexcused absences come when there's a lack of communication between parents and the main office.

"A lot of that is on parents," she said.  "We know the children are young and they need a parent to get to school on time."

The state of Missouri's guidelines say to receive full credit on a school's annual report, 90% of the students must be there 90% of the time.

At Hall specifically, 93% met that mark in October, but only 88% of their students did in November.

"With those guidelines, the bar has been raised," Gladhart said.  "So we continuously have to look for ways to ensure our kids are at school so we can best educate them."

High school students are older, and have a higher expectation to take personal responsibility for attendance.

"I always thought the best way to get kids to go to school is to make school a place they want to be.  That's number one," said Benton High School Principal Beery Johnson.

Johnson says while his school doesn't have the same incentive programs, it's still important to meet the attendance requirements from the state.

"There's thousands of studies on attendance and success and obviously there's a huge correlation there," he said.

It's a lesson they'll need when they eventually enter the workforce.

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