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Schools District Urges Safety Around School Buses

This week is National Bus Safety Week, and the SJSD is taking part.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Dr. Jake Long from the St. Joseph School District knows that bus safety is important.

"Safety is the number one concern.  A bus driver - that's a tough job," Dr. Long said.

The district wants everyone - students, bus drivers, and the driving public - to be safe around their school buses. 

"Make sure you're following what the bus driver is asking you to do," Dr. Long said.  "Make sure you cross where you're supposed to cross.  Make sure you wait until the bus comes to a stop."

Drew Lollar from the Apple Bus Company offers more advice for children to be safe:

"Children are at most risk when they're outside the school bus," Lollar said, asserting that school buses are the safest way for children to get to school.  "School buses are designed so when the children are on the bus they're very safe.  Around the bus, 10 feet all around the bus is considered a danger zone."

Lollar continues with more advice:

Always stay in the eyesight of the driver.

Get to the bus stop in time, so you're not rushing.

Always follow the driver's instructions on how to cross

And look both ways when you do.

Always cross in front of the bus...when the driver tells you to.

Lollar says to drivers, the biggest thing is to never ignore the stop sign - it is against the law not to stop, but the bus drivers say it still happens.

"It's a daily occurrence," Lollar said.  "We see it every day, at least one bus.  Generally it's two, three, or four buses have someone run the stop sign on a daily basis."

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