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Seasonal Potholes Keep City, MoDOT Crews Busy

Changes in temperatures this time of year causes potholes to pop up around St. Joseph. The city and MoDot is busy filling in the holes.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Changes in temperatures this time of year cause potholes to pop up around St. Joseph. Workers with the City of St. Joseph and MoDOT are busy filling them.

"One of the things that forms pot holes is you get water in the tiny cracks in the pavement," Assistant Superintendent of Streets Keven Schneider said.

And, it's not just a city problem.

"It's a universal thing. Because the water is everywhere and its freezing everywhere it will deteriorate your pavement at the city level and the state," added MoDOT Pavement Specialist Chris Cole.

The entire filling in process takes only a few minutes, allowing both organizations to fill multiple potholes a day.

"When we show up at a pot hole, we basically clean the loose material out of it put down a little tack oil and put some hot mix asphalt in there," Schneider said.

The only problem this week is that the department has a shortage of hot asphalt. Recent cold weather has caused a shortage, meaning the city is having to use cold mix. Cold mix does not dry as fast and stick together as long as the hot mix.

Schneider hopes the hot mix will be available soon.

Drivers can report potholes to the city if it is in city limits, or MoDOT if a pothole is on a highway or state road.
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