Self-Defense Pillow Raises Safety Questions

Self-Defense Pillow Raises Safety Questions

A Pillow featured at this year's Big Buck and Gun Show allows people to rest easier at night, but how safe it is?
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) It looks like a pillow, and feels like a pillow, but this one is used in a different way; for self-defense.

"Take a firearm, put it in there. You can quickly access it at night. You can reach right in, it's right there, right by your fingertips and it does not come out," said Nathan Powers.

The Patriot Pillow was designed to help people, in a home emergency, discretely and quickly get their weapon.

Possible buyers thought the idea was great.

"Interesting. I would've never thought of putting a pocket in a pillow and the fact that you can't feel it, really, is interesting," said Rachel Brown.

But they wondered, if it's really safe to sleep on a loaded gun.

"If the safety wasn't on, or if for some reason you're rolling around and it clicked off. That could be dangerous, definitely," said Brown.

"If you're sleeping, you may choose to sleep on top of it. If it's soft enough, you could do that. For people who don't want to sleep on the pillow with the gun underneath their head, knife, pepper spray or whatever you have, taser, you could sleep with it in the bed next to you," said Powers.

Another concern was, what are the chances of the gun going off while someone is sleeping?

"A properly maintained firearm that you know how to handle? Zero. If it's a poorly maintained firearm, it can go off when you pick it off a table. If it's improperly handled or you don't know what you're doing, then that raises the risk," said Powers.

While the risks of having a weapon in a house are already high, promoters say there shouldn't be any problems if buyers have the proper weapon training.

"I don't see any way that there's a way that you could misuse this if you're following your training," said Powers.

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