Sertoma Club Hosts 11th Annual Sporting Clays Event

Sertoma Club Hosts 11th Annual Sporting Clays Event

An annual benefit in Kansas allowed sharp shooters to practice their skills, while raising money for kids.
(TROY, Ks.) The 11th Annual Sporting Clays Event was about shooting for a good cause, and aiming to make a difference.

Nearly 70 shooters headed to Rohrer's Sporting Clays to raise money for Sertoma's deaf camp for kids.

"When people come together like this and do this for the kids, I just think it's truly amazing and we're blessed," said Janice Eaton.

Sertoma Clubs of St. Joseph is a service-based organization that helps with speech and hearing disabilities.

They use the fund to host the summer camp each year.

"Just feels good. You just want to go and be with an organization that does good things, and this organization does great things," said Steve Olsen.

Some of those things included a silent auction.

Shooters could bid for items like guns, turkey fryers, hunting accessories, grills, and even money.

There were also prizes for the top 10 shooters.

"It's been a good thing for the community, for the deaf camp, and even for us here. It's a good thing for us. We have new people come over here through this thing, and hopefully they come back again to us," said Fred Rohrer.

Members of Sertoma said it's a great feeling to watch people support their event throughout the years.

"You have an event and you wonder if it'll grow, and it just grows and grows and you hear more people are excited by it, and excited to send help to the kids," said Olsen.

They're even more excited for next summer's camp.

"Next year will be the Australian Outback, so we're looking forward to decorating everything for that, and coming up with kangaroos and stuff," said Eaton.

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