Sisters Celebrate 150th Anniversary

Sisters Celebrate 150th Anniversary

Atchison, Kansas has a group of sisters who are celebrating a tradition that has been around for 150 years.
(ATCHISON, Kan.) In the 150 years since the Benedictine sisters arrived in Atchison, Kan., to open a school, they have established and served in many schools and organizations.

"Benedictine's weren't founded to do one thing, we were founded to pray together, and to live together in community, and that prayer and community it's from that, that we serve," said Prioress of St. Scholastic Monastery Sister Anne Shephard.

"Some of the first people to land in Atchison were the nuns and the priests and they were pretty important," said Atchison resident Jerry Kuckelman.

A lot of people ask about what the sisters are about in Atchison.

"The question is, who is St. Scholastica?" said Sister Anne.

"Saint Scholastica was a twin sister to Saint Benedict," said Kuckelman.

The twins famous story is that Scholastica prayed for more time with Benedict while he was visiting her. As he was leaving a storm came, and forced his visit to last longer at Scholastica's convent, which showed great love.

"And the more you love, anything can happen. And good things can happen, like staying around for 150 years," said Sister Anne.

The sisters have impacted many in the community spiritually and educationally.

"The sister's were my teacher and if it weren't for them I wouldn't have the faith that I have today," said Kuckelman.

They began the celebration this year with a dinner that a thousand people attended.

"We're working together on projects to pull these events off and we're getting closer together because we're working together and thats wonderful. So that's really the value of our 150th, is saying thank you to all these people and also we're much more united as a community," said Sister Shephard.

The final project will be on Nov. 17 at the Night of Dreams to thank major donors and friends.

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