SJSD Begins Process of Naming New Schools

SJSD Begins Process of Naming New Schools

Committee of volunteers will review submissions, and then narrow down the list of possible names to five selections for each new school.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  Up to this point two elementary schools under construction in St. Joseph have only been referred to as "Carden Park" and "Northeast."

But now, the process has begun to give them actual names.

The two new schools are the first for the district in more than 40 years. That means the pressure is on to come up with exciting and appropriate names for the new schools.

"We are excited about the future of the new schools going up and want to be a part of that and where it will lead us," said Becky Claycamp, part of the committee responsible for collecting public input on the names.

There will be some guidelines on the possible selections.

"The policy asks that you look at names of statesmen, heroes, noblemen, educators, often geographical locations," said Brian Shindorf, director of elementary education for the St. Joseph School District. "

The policy states that all of those things, those people and places need to have some kind of tie to the community," he said.

"We want it to be meaningful to St. Joe," We want it to be meaningful to our kids so when they are in that school, they are proud to have that school," Drew said.

Starting next week, the school district will take the public's suggestions for possible names and why they should be chosen.

"Why are you recommending this name for the school?" Shindorf said. "What is the significance and how does it represent that school community?"

By the end of the month, the district will turn over the suggestions to volunteers.

"Committees will need to come up with five potential names per school," Shindorf said. "Each group will submit five names per school. Each group will submit five names to the Board of Education. The Board of Education will review those five possibilities.

Volunteers think the work on the construction and the process of coming up with proper names will be worth it.

"I think it's a great opportunity to have a new building for kids to come to each and every day," Claycamp said. "Our house is pretty close to the school and we just enjoy our community and all the people that are there. It's going to be fun to see kids walking each day to the school."

The volunteer committees are made up of faculty, staff, parents and other concerned citizens.

Anyone with suggestions on possible school names will be able to submit them by going to the school district's website starting next week.

The two new schools will be open for students next fall.

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