Small Northwest Missouri Business Serving Generations of Farmers

Small Northwest Missouri Business Serving Generations of Farmers

Rea, Mo., couple is keeping a small agriculture business going, with a little help from a small business organization. 
(REA, Mo.) Farming in America's heartland takes work from sun up to sun down. Farmers need a place they can count on to sell grain and buy supplies.

"My dad used to bring grain here and stuff and after I got out of high school I started helping bring grain and stuff," said Geary Chambers.

Platte Valley Ag in Rea, Mo., has seen a lot of second generation farmers like Geary Chambers.

"We're watching another generation bring their kids up and kind of doing the same thing," said owner operator Greg Duncan.

The company is a staple in Rea.  Greg Duncan and his wife Jodi bought the business four years ago.  The Duncans sought help from the Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation when they took over.  The organization offers free coaching to locals looking to expand or create a new business.

"It takes a lot to do that and we're really fortunate and blessed here," said Duncan.

The Duncans and their 10 employees have worked hard to modernize their small business.
They are one of 28 million small businesses being celebrated as part of National Small Business Week.

"I've had the privilege of waking up and loving every day of my work and my job," said Duncan

If Platte Valley Ag continues at this rate, this small business will be around for the next generation of farmers in Rea. 

Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation's program helps any aspiring small business owners
They serve Andrew, Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway and Worth counties.
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