Snow Creek Begins Snow Production

Snow Creek Begins Snow Production

As temperatures remain cold, Snow Creek in Weston is starting to make their artificial snow that covers their complex through the season.
(WESTON, Mo.) At Snow Creek, it's not as dry as it is elsewhere in northwest Missouri.

It's already a winter wonderland.

Snow Creek has 77 guns shooting man-made snow for full coverage of their complex.

"We start making snow once it drops below 28 degrees," said Darin Pond from Snow Creek's Group Promotions.  "We can make 12 inches of snow in a 24 hour period.  The lower the humidity, the more we can make."

Given the recent cold snap, Pond is probably one of the only people in the region happy to see such cold temperatures this early in December.

Highs are expected to remain well below freezing a good bit into next week.

"When we see low temperatures, it's the greatest for us," Pond said.  "Once we turned on the guns, we're just jumping up and down because we're all skiers here too."

For a ski park that has hills for skiers and snowboarders of all levels of experience, tubing, and a children's area, it takes a lot of snow to cover this place.

They'll continue to run their snow guns well into the coming weekend.

"We'll build our snow base up to 90 inches, at least," Pond said.  "That way, when we get some warm days, it'll melt down but we have plenty of base left to ski on and we can groom it out."

The "fake" snow is denser than natural snow, which is needed for an area that doesn't always get enough for a full season.

But an early shot of winter weather couldn't hurt either.

Given a favorable forecast, the staff at Snow Creek is confident they'll be open on their planned opening day: December 14. 
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