Southside Fall Festival Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Southside Fall Festival Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Southside Fall Festival celebrates 25 years of memories.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The Southside Fall Festival drew thousands of residents to Hyde Park, but this year was a little more special than usual.

Residents are celebrating 25 years of memories.

"It's a big accomplishment for us at the Southside festival. I can't really put into words what 25 years means, to be right honest with you," said Brenda Walsh.

"25 years, when I look back, it was yesterday, and every year it gets better, and fun; more fun," said Curtis Malotte.

Some of that fun included a parade that featured different schools, local companies and organizations, and of course, plenty of candy for the kids.

"We have the best crowds here at the Southside. Everybody really comes out and supports their neighborhood, and it's just great. Everybody's fun, and it's just awesome. This is a nice place to work," said Betsey Lyle.

The Southside Fall Festival has every activity you can imagine.

Fun rides, food, even riding a camel.

The festival also has 23 activities for kids, 30 food vendors, nearly 60 different craft booths, plus much more.

"Music entertainment, you have face painting for the kids, you have all kinds of thing, even things I couldn't imagine. Plus, you have the flowers and plants for sale, fantastic," said Malotte.

Volunteers at the festival said this year, will probably be their biggest crowd.

"It tells me that the community appreciates what we're doing out here, and they're supporting us, and we appreciate that," said Walsh.

"25 years later, look at this, it's one, big party. It's a family reunion. For these three days, everyone's a citizen of the Southside," said Malotte.

Bringing all the communities together to enjoy food, music and reminisce on 25 years of fun, is what this year's festival is all about.

If you missed the parade today, we will re-air it at 10 a.m. on Sunday and at 10:35 p.m., immediately after News at 10.

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