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St. Joe Serve Hosts Block Party For Community

St. Joe Serve and Habitat for Humanity hosted a block party after its day of service.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.,) St. Joe Serve and Habitat for Humanity held a block party at Lafayette High School.

This was a free event and open for everyone.

Kovacs donated the food, and churches provided the music.

There were also plenty of games and activities for the kids.

While this was an event to celebrate a day of service, Habitat for Humanity said it was really a way to say 'thank you' to the community.

"This isn't for the people that did the work. This is for the neighborhood so that they understand that this is who God is. It's just, It's just the people being the hands and the feet of Jesus," said Lorna Davis.

Both organizations are pleased with the turnout, and plan to make this more than just an annual event.
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