St. Joseph Participates In National Free Museum Day

St. Joseph Participates In National Free Museum Day

St. Joseph museums participated in National Museum Day.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Everyone enjoys a trip to the museum, but a free trip makes it that much more enjoyable.

In honor of Smithsonian Magazine's Annual Museum Day, more than half a dozen St. Joseph museums participated and gave residents a free day of fun.

"I think it's a fun thing that we've all gotten together to do this," said Jackie Lewin.

The event was created as a way to celebrate America's culture.

Members of the Museum Association of St. Joseph said the best part about the day is seeing new faces.

"Seeing people that have never been here. We're hoping we can plant a seed, and see them come again," said Andrea George.

"Usually we have mostly tourists, but today we have our own St. Joseph citizens visiting," said Lewin.

The museums offered tours, and arts and crafts. One museum even turned into a flea market.

The St. Joseph Museum, which includes the Black Archives and the Glore Psychiatric Museum, had 20 different vendors.

"We have several different PEO groups that have set up booths, and they use the funds from the day to do different projects in the community such as supporting different scholarships, just different projects," said Lewin.

Another museum offered a Halloween-themed project for kids.

The Remington Nature Center's special activity was making bats.

"The bat actually has the hand-print of each child. So, it's just a fun, personal craft to make with their families," said George.

The different exhibits and programs brought out thousands to the museums.

Some of the visitors did not know the significance of the day, but when they found, their reaction was priceless.

"That's cool," said Moniesa Mitchell.

This event is also rewarding for St. Joseph.

"It's a great day to give back because we realize we would not be here without the community. The people coming in, coming to our events, bringing their families down for rentals in our conference room. It's just our way to say thank you to the community, open our doors for a day, and just have the community come in and see us," said George.

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