St. Joseph Restaurant Pleased with its Smoke-Free Decision

St. Joseph Restaurant Pleased with its Smoke-Free Decision

Cleaner restaurant and healthier work environment noted as benefits.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The registers are getting a little more work at the Fredrick Inn since the restaurant went totally smoke-free.

"It's been a great atmosphere for us," said 20-year employee Barbara Weed. "Business has really picked up better for us."

When the St. Joseph City Council decided not to make a decision about a citywide smoke-free ordinance last summer, Fredrick Inn decided to do it on their own.

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"Well, it's a lot cleaner, of course," said restaurant waitress Tina Bowers. "You don't smell that smoke. We just feel a lot better about yourselves. It looks a lot cleaner, Everybody comments about how great it smells."

Smoke-free supporters said one of the benefits of a smoke-free environment is healthier workers. Weed, who has been a waitress at Fredrick Inn for 20 years, agrees.

"I'm more energized," she said. "You don't have to smell the smoke when the people are coming around."

Employees say another plus for the restaurant is new faces coming in the door.

"There's a lot more people that wouldn't come in before because it was smoking," Bowers said. "Now, they are coming in because it's not."

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Two diners in the restaurant on this night were from Florida and California. Both of their hometowns have had smoke-free laws on the books for several years.

"It was refreshing to be able to come to this restaurant and sit anyplace we wanted to without the smoke," said Arlene Schwartz, from Wellington, Florida.

"We would always try to find a place that was sort of out of the way so we could get away from the smoke, said Shirley Sowell, from Calimesa, California. "I was informed this time that I'm here there there's no smoking, and I said 'That is wonderful!'"

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