Summer Brings Milder Temperatures on Average

Summer Brings Milder Temperatures on Average

Nola Zeltwanger enjoys a good jog almost every morning. This summer it's been even easier to get out.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Leave it to some folks in their 70s and 80s to give us a lesson on living a healthy lifestyle.

And while staying active they're using the cooler temperatures to their advantage.

"I run the parkway every day, six days a week if it's at all possible," said Nola Zeltwanger, 73. She loves running outdoors.

"It's great.  I love the trees and they're still green and it's so great," she says with a big smile.

The flowers are in bloom and the summer's sun shines high through the trees.

It's August - but it hasn't always felt like it.  Many days have been significantly cooler than average.

"I really don't ever give the weather much consideration because if you let it get to you, you won't go.  If you take the weather as it comes, it's nice.  On the cool days you really appreciate it," Nola said.

To date the average temperature this year has been 53.4 degrees. At this time last year it was more than 60 degrees.

And the number of 90 degree days is down drastically: only 16 through august 10, down from 69 hot days last year.

Nola is not the only one taking advantage of the cooler weather.

Angie McCollum, 76. is from Florida, and enjoys a mile morning walk.

"I'm trying to keep my heart healthy.  I just like to walk.  This morning it was cooler so I decided to walk further," McCollum said.

Also out on a jog was Bill Zeltwanger. 

"I'm a little surprised [at how nice it is outside].  I know it got hot last year so I'm pleasantly surprised," he said.

Bill is 80, but is also an avid runner and jogger.

"I will go run indoors if it gets hot or wet or cold.  I prefer outdoors, of course, but that doesn't stop me from exercising," he said.

These are supposed to be the dog days - the sweatiest days of the year. 

Instead, with a mild push, many enjoy a welcome bit of change.
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