Target and Salvation Army Give 30 Children a Back-to-School Spree

Target and Salvation Army Give 30 Children a Back-to-School Spree

A volunteer pairs with a student for an 80-dollar shopping spree for back-to-school clothes.
New clothes are something many children covet as the first day of school approaches.

"It's very good for their self esteem and their confidence to begin a new school year," said Richard Dennis, a manager at Target.

There are 30 children involved in a shopping spree at Target, which is partnered with the Salvation Army in St. Joseph.

Paired with volunteers from the Salvation Army, the children pick out new outfits and shoes, with an 80 dollar limit.

The kids on the spree get new clothes for school, something that would be hard for their families to afford otherwise.

And new clothes can make all the difference on the first day of school.

"This gives them something new for the first day.  It gives them something that's not a hand-me-down," said volunteer Susan Reeves.

And Target says this partnership is part of their company's commitment to community involvement.

"We seek out opportunities like this to make an impact on our community for the better," Dennis said.
And with the spending limit, it also teaches the children how to keep track of how much they spend and budget accordingly.

Saint Joseph Public Schools officially restart on August 16.
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