Target Shoppers on Edge After Massive Credit Card Breach

Target Shoppers on Edge After Massive Credit Card Breach

A major credit card breach could affect millions of shoppers who visited Target over one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. Target admitted its data system was hacked.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Americans across the country are walking on eggshells as they shop at Target this holiday season.

"It was definitely a little scary. I probably am at Target once a week," said Kori Rongey.

As many as 40 million Target shoppers, who shopped from Black Friday through December 15, may have had their credit card information stolen.

Experts say it was a massive security breach.

"Somebody probably tapped into the server, which would allow as a cyber crime, then would then pull out all that information from all of those different swipes," said Scott Schober.

Stolen information included customer names, credit and debit card numbers, card expiration dates, and the three-digit security codes on the back of cards.

However, a Target spokesman said there is no 'indication debit card pins were impacted by the breach.'

Despite this alarming news, some shoppers still have faith in the store.

"I always check our accounts and everything was fine. So, we went in tonight and bought a couple of things," said Robert Shelton.

"I figured that Target would get on it very quick. So, I felt very confident in going in there this evening and making my purchase because I do like Target," said Rosie Dew.

The hackers managed to infiltrate nearly all of Target's 1,800 retail stores.

Experts says consumers should check their bank and credit card statements for any suspicious activity.

"I haven't checked it yet, but I did look at the number. So, I'm gonna call that number," said Dew.

The secret service is investigating the breach.

In the meantime, if there are any suspicious charges on your bank account, call Target at (866) 852-8680.

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