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Tax Free Weekend Draws Out Families Ready to Shop

A weekend free from tax can save parents money as they prepare the kids to go back to school.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Tax free weekend at East Hills Mall can be fun for every shopper.

"My sisters just love going shopping for stuff, especially clothes. My mom says when we're done with all this I get to ride the carousel at least once before we have to go home," said 5th grader Holly Copeland.

"We didn't believe our eyes because we were about to spend over $100 and we only spent $60," said 7th grader Shayla Coulter.

Saving money on sales tax can make a big difference for families getting students ready for school.

"We're going shopping at Gordman's for a bunch of back to school clothes, 50 percent off!" exclaimed Coulter.

"For tax free weekend my mom makes us get up at probably 5 or 6 in the morning and get ready. I was the first one to actually get up in the morning, my sisters just lay in bed," said Copeland.

School shopping gives these girls something extra to look forward to on the first day back in the classroom.

"I also got these little locker magnets, they're the same as my sister Andrea's," said Copeland.

"I got a KU shirt and a new KU backpack and I'm gonna do my hair," said Coulter.

Shayla even helped her younger sister get ready to go back to school in style by picking out her new backpack.

"It has a little zipper right here, and one right here so she can put her pencils and stuff here. She's going into 2nd grade," said Shayla Coulter, showing off her little sister's new backpack.

 Tax free weekend also held sales and special prices throughout East Hills Mall.
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