Thanksgiving Eve Is Biggest Night For Underage Drinking

Thanksgiving Eve Is Biggest Night For Underage Drinking

Thanksgiving eve can be a busy one for law enforcement. A recent study shows that more underage drinking occurs on this night than any other holiday. Local law officials want those of age to make sure their drinks don't fall into the wrong hands.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The day before Thanksgiving is often times spent last-minute grocery shopping, finalizing meals, and drinking. 

A recent study shows thanksgiving Eve is the biggest drinking night of the year, especially for those who are underage.

As families stock up on wine and other adult beverages, local law officials want parents make sure what's in their cup, stays in their cup.

"It's very important for parents to know that, you know, when they have alcohol at their dinners and stuff, that they watch that and make sure that they're not providing it to minors that come to their home," said Deputy Sarah Hardin.

Officials recommend parents monitor their drinks or store it in a secure area.

They also want people to be aware of the underage drinkers who get alcohol themselves using a fake ID.

That's why Alison Atwater is making sure she and her employees, at Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits, take extra precaution when checking IDs.

"We make them take the ID out of the wallet. You look at the front and the back of the ID for flaws, and make sure that the emblems are properly installed underneath the shield," said Alison Atwater.

They also make sure the ID is valid, and card everyone they think is under the age of 30.

"We look for any bubbles smears, characters that may be out of sync with the rest," said Atwater.

They can deny anyone who's ID seems invalid, even if the right dates are on it.

That's something law officials say should decrease the amount of underage drinkers this holiday season.

Officers said minors will be cited if caught drinking.

Parents can face trouble, too, if they're caught providing alcohol to a minor.
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