The Chiefs Enter Training Camp with Expectations

The Chiefs Enter Training Camp with Expectations

The Chiefs began training camp on Friday.

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Romeo Crennel entered the first press conference at Missouri Western in St. Joseph with a smile on his face. He looked like a man truly enjoying his job.

"It's a good day today," Crennel said as he took his seat in front of a microphone.

Friday was the first day that the former defensive coordinator was in charge with the team in St. Joe for training camp, and so far, the players are liking Crennel.

"I'm loving him as head coach," linebacker Derrick Johnson said.

The true love story for Romeo will not begin until he can lead Kansas City back to the promised land-- the playoffs. Despite being just one day into the 2012 training camp, this team is feeling the need to get back to the postseason.

"The expectations are high in this league, and with the talent we have on this team offensively and defensively, our bar is set high. And we're going to keep it up there," Johnson said.

Injuries in 2011 caused this team to finish 7-9, well short of what it hoped for. But as the new season begins, players like Eric Berry, Tony Moeaki and Jamaal Charles are healthy and ready as training camp get underway.

"We may have to manage them a little bit if they get a little irritated in the joint that they had the surgery on, but they should be good to go," Crennel said. "And they're excited and ready, and want to go."

Berry was happy to have his teammates by his side during the rehab process.

"Going through something like that, and not having to go through it by yourself, having Jamaal and Tony down there throughout the whole process, I think that was a big deal," Berry said. "We pushed each other through a lot of times. There were a lot of days they didn't feel like going in, they didn't feel like going in, but we just kind of leaned on each other and pushed each other through."

As training camp continues to heat up, and the excitement wears off, that's when the Chiefs will have to respond.

"I guess that's how it goes," Johnson said. "The first day everybody's running around. The test is, three or four days in to it, how are we doing in that respect."
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