The Mustangs Begin Postseason Play

The Mustangs Begin Postseason Play

The Mustangs open the MINK League Championship Series Friday night in Sedalia.

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) After dropping the final two games of the regular season, the Mustangs enter the MINK League Championship Series after a two day break.

"I don't care how physically well-off you are, mentally well-off, it takes a toll on you," St. Joe outfielder Jake Kretzer said. "And there at the end, you could definitely see it."

"I think we got a good rest in and we're ready to go," Jordan Guida said.

The 42 MINK League games in the previous month and a half slowed down the Mustangs as the regular season came to a close. St. Joe won just one of the final seven games after winning the MINK League North Division title on July 11th.

Guida says the Mustangs may have gotten a little too comfortable after clinching the division.

"I don't think it should, but I definitely think it does, just kind of your mentality going in it. I don't think it should affect it at all, but I think it did a little bit."

St. Joe tries to grab that energy back during the championship series against Sedalia.

In the Mustangs six games against the Bombers in 2012, St. Joe is averaging over six runs per contest.

"We hit high-caliber pitching better than we do guys that are soft throwers," manager Matt Johnson said. "So our guys find that as a challenge, and they have really good pitching and a really good ball club."

"When we do (hit the ball well), they can't really stop us," Guida said. "So I hope it's one of those days where they don't stand a chance of stopping us."

Now after two days off, a new season begins for the Mustangs, and they are hoping to build up enough momentum that no one in the postseason can stop them.

"Getting game one is just going to be extremely helpful," Kretzer said. "We get back here and hopefully win it in front of our home fans."

"We're just going to go down and play the best ball we can," Johnson said. "and if we walk away with a win like we did last year against Nevada, we feel pretty confident with two home games that we can close it out."
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