The Ruckers Give Back

The Ruckers Give Back

Former Benton Cardinals Michael and Martin Rucker signed autographs at East Hills on Saturday.
Former Big 12 stars and Benton Cardinals Michael and Martin Rucker were giving back to the community on Saturday.

The brothers teamed up to help raise money for the Salvation Army, as well as spread holiday cheer.

Anyone that donated money received an autographed picture of the Ruckers in return.

Michael and Martin also volunteered at the local food kitchen Saturday morning.

The brothers say it is just nice to give back to the community.

"A lot of people have helped us get to where we are at today by helping us," Michael said. "It's only right that we turn around and give back to our community and the Salvation Army."

"With the way things are these days and hard times, a lot of people are doing without," Martin, the younger of the two, said. "The Salvation Army is a charity that gives back, so we figure if we can sign some autographs and raise some money, we'd be doing our part."
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