Thousands Gather to Paint the Parkway Pink

Thousands Gather to Paint the Parkway Pink

Thousands gather for the fifth annual Paint the Parkway Pink.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) For the past four years, people have attended Paint the Parkway Pink for many different reasons.

This year, one family is there for a few; to remember a loved one, and to celebrate the life of a close friend.

"I'm a survivor, and it's been a hard road," Yvonne Melkowski. 

Melkowski has been cancer-free for five years, and although she is not suffering anymore, she now has to find a way to deal with a different kind of pain.

"I just lost my best friend two weeks ago," said Melkowski.

Her best friend was Anna-Mae, better known as, 'Grannie Annie.'

"She was a fighter. She'd gone through six trial studies, and she gave it a hard fight," said Melkowski.

"She actually donated her body to the science for breast cancer. So, we wanted to keep her legacy going," said Sienna Montgomery.

They kept her legacy going by joining thousands of people in walking for a cure.

 "It's insane that so many people care about this. There's people that don't even have anyone affected by breast cancer that are here. My grandma would be really happy to see that there's this many people here, and it's touching my family that people are here for that," said Montgomery.

"I think it's awesome. St. Joseph is really showing their pride," said Melkowski.

Melkowski also said she is lucky to attend this year's Paint the Parkway to remember 'Grannie Annie,' and to celebrate her life.

"I'm coming back, big and strong."

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