Tour Features 'Ghosts' of St. Joseph

Tour Features 'Ghosts' of St. Joseph

St. Joseph ghosts came out from their graves, and a group of residents got a chance to meet them at the Voices of Mount Mora Cemetary Tour.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Sarah Elder stepped a little bit out of character for a few nights.

She played the role of a St. Joseph native, Elizabeth Ballinger, at this year's 'Voices of Mount Mora Cemetery' tour.

The event started at the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion, where visitors got the chance to step back in time and meet historic St. Joseph figures like Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth came to St. Joseph in the extremely early days of St. Joseph. St. Joseph was founded in 1843, and she came with her parents in 1847 when she was only 5 years old," said Elder.

Some people consider her a St. Joseph pioneer, but Elizabeth was known for a little more than that.

"She didn't just live off the earnings of her husband. She continued his business interests, and in fact, built a building that should be familiar to most people in St. Joseph called the Ballinger Building," said Elder.

This is Sarah Elder's first year playing a role in the event.

She said the job came easy to her because she can relate to Elizabeth in more ways than she thought. 

"She was not bound by convention, and while a little bit of convention is not a bad thing, I'm a little bit less bound by convention like she is as well," said Elder.

Although she's only in character for a few days, she said facts about Elizabeth will remain with her forever.

"It's gives me a little more information and insight, into at least this one aspect and one person in St. Joseph history," said Elder.

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