Troopers Plan Increased Presence on I-29 to Curb Accidents

Troopers Plan Increased Presence on I-29 to Curb Accidents

We've seen a number of deadly accidents, on Interstate 29, near St. Joseph in recent weeks. State troopers have been working since this summer to make the highway safer.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) One St. Joseph native drives on Interstate-29 three times a week.

"I-29 is probably no more dangerous than the rest of them," said Sherman Kerns.

Kerns works for Heartland Motor Coach, so he's traveling quite often.

He's noticed the recent accidents on the road, and thinks it's a good idea for patrols to spend more time on the highway.

"It'll make people more aware. Any time the patrol is out there, people notice it. And, it does make you more aware," said Kerns.

Troopers started monitoring I-29, through Andrew and Buchanan counties, this summer.

Although the number of accidents decreased since then, local troopers will continue to focus their time on keeping drivers safe.

"That's the priority from the Commander; To get down there on the highway and make sure the presence is seen," said Sgt. Sheldon Lyon.

In recent accidents, troopers say speeding played a big role .

"So much of our life is spent rushed. We're rushing here, we're rushing there," said Sgt. Lyon.

Because of that, troopers will crack down on those who don't drive at a safe speed.

"Officers while they're driving down the interstate, watch traffic coming up behind them and are checking the speed of the cars," said Sgt. Lyon.

Sherman and Sgt. Sheldon Lyon agree that drivers should play their part and just drive slow.

"Everybody's in a hurry, nobody has time. And, it's not probably an individual. It's probably just, society is that way now. It's just everybody's in a hurry to get where they're going," said Kerns.

Troopers recommend drivers don't text while driving, and keep an eye out for others on the road.

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