U.S. Solar Responds to Accusations of Wrongdoing

U.S. Solar Responds to Accusations of Wrongdoing

Against the advice of its authorities, U.S. Solar speaks out.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Against the advice of its attorneys, we hear for the first time on camera from a solar company being investigated by the FBI and KCP&L.

U.S. Solar is accused of falsifying documents to leverage larger energy rebate checks.

The discovery was made by a St. Joseph man who had U.S. Solar install 36 panels on the roof of his home in 2012. However, paperwork turned in to KCP&L for a rebate indicated 70 had been installed.

The lead contractor for U.S. Solar says technical issues during installation changed the original plan for the home.

Josh Nelson says the matter has been blown way out of proportion.

"New drawings were provided to KCP&L I believe on Sept. 23rd of 2012 showing the repair of it," Nelson said. "The money was reimbursed and we never heard another word about it until a year later. Everybody started going crazy about that."

KCP&L kicked U.S. Solar out of the rebate program this summer and says they are auditing all of U.S. Solar's more than 300 jobs they completed.

Nelson says because of the controversy, U.S. Solar has dropped from more than 30 employees down to just nine.

We will have more comment from U.S. Solar next week.
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