Walk For Homeless Educates St. Joseph Community On Ways To Help

Walk For Homeless Educates St. Joseph Community On Ways To Help

Homelessness continues to be a problem in Missouri, especially in St. Joseph. Two local groups are raising awareness on homelessness issues, and educating the community on ways to help.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Savannah Butcher knows what it's like to be homeless.

"I've had the personal experience, and it's not easy," said Savannah Butcher.

She and her family spent about a year bouncing from hotel to hotel.

"I know there are people who have it worse. They have to live on the streets, and I at least got a hotel. But, I just want people to not have to go through that because I know that it's awful," said Butcher.

Butcher was one of about 100 who walked to raise awareness for homelessness in St. Joseph.

"The homeless population doesn't get the attention they need. They don't have near the resources they need. And, we're just trying to do something small so we could help them. It might not be a lot, but we're doing what we can," said Butcher.

She is the President of Missouri Western's Student Social Workers group.
They partnered with Buchanan County's Social Welfare Board for the walk.

"Homelessness isn't just a group of five or six men downtown. Homelessness is all across this community," said Linda Judah.

Organizers wanted participants to understand homelessness doesn't always mean someone is living on the street.

"It can happen to anybody, you know? There are many people just one paycheck away from being homeless. Just have some empathy for your neighbor," said Linda Judah.

Judah and Butcher believe it's important to reach out to the homeless population and remind them of the options St. Joseph offers.

"They don't realize how important it is because they're not homeless, but I want the community to know how important it is to get out and help the homeless, get out and help them realize there's resources. If you know someone who's homeless, you can help them get these resources. It's all about community awareness," said Butcher.

Proceeds from the walk will help the homeless with transportation costs for medical needs and potential jobs.
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