Warm and Humid Ahead of Chance For Thunderstorms

Warm and Humid Ahead of Chance For Thunderstorms

It'll be another round of late summer warmth ahead of the potential for strong storms and a big cool down for the weekend.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Buckle in, this forecast is a doozy.

Today's the day we've been anticipating all week, for better or for worse.

We saw a nice spell of rainfall yesterday morning, garnering just shy of an inch of rain in a lot of places through northwest Missouri.

The sun also came out and we humidly got up to another high in the mid 80s.

We're looking at a similar high today, ahead of a big time cold front coming through.

Temperatures will be slow at first to warm thanks to a little extra cloud cover through the day, but I think as the wind picks up we'll still get well into the 80s by the afternoon.

There's also a chance for a few sprinkles and showers early on today.

But the big chance for rain is at night, when that front gets closer.

Unfortunately for high school football fans, the chance for potentially strong thunderstorms looks best in the evening, around sundown and just after that before midnight, which is right in the middle of football time.

We'll have to keep an eye on those storms as they develop; there is a severe potential given how warm we'll be today and how cold that new air mass is.

Once that cold front passes, it will be a lot cooler by late tonight and into Saturday.

We're expecting a near 25 degree drop in highs from Friday to Saturday, with a cooler than average weekend leading into a seasonably normal week.

There's a lot of sunshine expected next week with temperatures steadily warming from the low 70s into the upper 70s.

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