Weight Loss Goals Begin with Time for Self

Weight Loss Goals Begin with Time for Self

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, people are now focusing on New Year's Resolutions and for most people it includes weight loss.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) "I think that we want to do it all the time, but we always make excuses. We say oh, I've got work or I've got the kids but it's just really making time for yourself," says Title Boxing Club owner Jenn Cantrell Walker.

Now that a New Year is just around the corner, where do you start?

Getting into shape after the holidays may be hard but, Jenn, who's also a personal trainer says it's all about how you do it.

"If you just go into a regular gym and you tell yourself you're going to walk on the treadmill for thirty minutes, after ten minutes you're going to be bored. It's a community here, it's not like you're some anonymous person trying to lose weight. We're going to help you and push you to your goals," added Walker.

If you need motivation getting started experts say exercising three hours a week only takes up two percent of your time.

But working out isn't the only tool needed to get fit, eating a balanced meal also helps.

"We eat more of the best and less of the rest. I often tell people to eat more vegetables and if they can try to make half of their plate vegetables at every meal, they'll go along way toward improving their health," says dietitian Sheri Caldwell.

Caldwell says it's not just about eating healthy but knowing when to eat.

"If you're skipping meals you may be thinking maybe I'll save up but it usually doesn't balance out because you get so hungry that you over eat," added Caldwell.

Stress and lack of sleep also play a major part of our diets.

Caldwell sugests people, "do things in our life that help us enjoy bring life and joy back to our life."

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