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We'll Keep Warming Up Today, Big Cold Front This Weekend

It'll really be warming up today! No worries - a cold front will come in and smack us right back into autumn by this weekend.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Well, we knew it was coming. And we had a taste of it yesterday.

The return to almost August-like heat comes this afternoon, with full sunshine and another day of pretty gusty south winds.

Friday's high should soar well into the mid and upper 80s.

But if you hate the heat, take solace in tonight's cold front.

The front will sweep by us while most people are asleep, well after midnight.

It brings a chance for late night/early morning rain, and also high temperatures only in the mid 70s.

Saturday and Sunday will be a breath of fresh air after a couple of sweltering late September days all in a row.
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