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Winter Weather Brings More Heart Attacks

Stress from the holidays, and the cold weather, can cause more heart attacks.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Aside from depression, this time of year could possibly put a damper on your heart.

Studies show the cold weather and stress can cause heart attacks during the holidays.

The weather can constrict the arteries, meaning the heart has to do more work.

Those with heart problems who take on too many outdoor activities during the winter, like shoveling snow, have a higher risk for a heart attack.

"It seems like every year, somebody will die first time there's a heavy winter and they go out to try and clear their driveway off, because they're just exerting themselves and doing stuff that they're not used to doing," said Dr. Jane Schwabe from Heartland Hospital.

Dr. Schwabe recommends those with heart problems to stay healthy year-round.

Also, pay attention to your body and limit yourself to activities you know your body can handle.
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