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Winter Weather Creates Problems Across the Country

A treacherous deep freeze is blanketing much of the country in ice and snow.
(PLANO, TX) A treacherous deep freeze is blanketing much of the country in ice and snow.

Winter is still two weeks away, but in Plano, Texas, ice was flying through the air in giant sheets, even crushing a car below.

Football fans in Philadelphia endured more snow this weekend than all winter last year.

And for drivers from Arizona to the Midwest, this dangerous mix of snow and ice trapped tens of thousands, including one truck driver stuck for 26 hours with his wife and daughter.

Parts of Texas were at a standstill in an area usually so warm stores don't even carry snow shovels.

The Department of Transportation was forced to take extreme measures.

"At times, we' re leaving our vehicles and shoveling sand and salt by hand to get those vehicles," said one worker.

And flying is no better. More than 1,500 flights cancelled early Monday. Add that to the 2,800 flights cancelled on Sunday and you find passengers marooned at airports, sleeping on the floor uncertain when they will ever get out.

"I don't know when I'm going to leave here and I don't know what I'm going to do especially since I have baby with me and it's all I care about," said a stranded traveler.

And a cruel reminder that this is only the beginning of our winter weather, forecasts predict another storm coming out of the Great Lakes will wreak havoc from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast.
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