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Winter Weather Prompts Run on Supplies

Area residents are prepping for the pending arctic air that's headed our way.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Area residents are prepping for the pending arctic air that's heading our way.

Grocery stores throughout town are low on necessities like bread and water.

Locals are loading up with those items, and stores can barely keep them on the shelves.

Employees restocked them multiple times throughout the day.

"We've had multiple people running constantly trying to get shelves restocked. Just switching between all the essentials. Like I said, bread, water, all that stuff," said Lane Pope.

Aside from bread and water, homeowners should keep canned goods, paper plates and utensils, and a first aid kit in case of an emergency.

Homeowners are cleaning the shelves at hardware stores, too.

This is the time of year where people find ways to make their homes a little warmer.

Covering your windows, or doors, with plastic seems to be the most popular and cost-efficient way.

There are two types of plastic covering: non-shrink and seal, and shrink and seal.

"Difference being you put up shrink and seal, you have a clear tape that you put up right around your glass, put the plastic on, and you use a blow-dryer and it shrinks down and adheres to the glass. The other type you have to put up like a paper strip, or a cardboard strip, nail that on then staple the plastic on to that," said Cass Holtz.

Prices for plastic sheets start as low at $2.00, and can cost up to $26.00

They are available at any hardwood store.
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