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Woman Speaks Following High-Speed Crash

A St. Joseph woman who was injured after suspects rammed into her car is speaking out
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) "I'm laying across my mom, and I open my eyes and I saw the house. They came out of nowhere," says Karrie Williams.

Williams describes the moment that took her and her mom by surprise and left their car smashed.
Both were injured Monday night when a high-speed chase ended at a home near 33rd and Sacramento in St. Joseph.

She said it happened so fast, she hardly had time to think and was concerned about her mom.

"I noticed her knees were buckled over to the side and I told her not to move. I tried to cut the car off because the car was smoking and I was scared it was going to catch fire," added Williams.

The car was totaled but both women walked away with minor injuries.

The driver and the two passengers in the car that hit them took off before police arrived.

"If we're able to locate those subjects and put them in the vehicle then they'll be arrested and charges will be submitted to the prosecutor," said Captain Jeff Wilson with the St. Joseph Police Department.

Gower Police first attempted to stop the vehicle for a traffic violation around eight o'clock Monday night.

That's when police say the car sped off and entered St. Joseph City limits.

The chase ended, but the car continued, eventually crashing and leaving a trail of debris.

"To know that we had family waiting for us to come home and we may have never made it home, it was terrible. I know the Lord above was watching over us because how we survived that I dont' know," said Williams.

She hopes the suspects pay the price for what they did.

"I'll never get that image out of my head, ever, I haven't even been to sleep yet because I can't get that image out my head. My mom's probally scared to drive now because of some stupid idiots, and yes i'm calling you stupid idiots," Karrie added.

Williams' mom is still in the hospital recovering.

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