YMCA Day Camp Keeps Kids Active During Spring Break

YMCA Day Camp Keeps Kids Active During Spring Break

Volleyball is just one of the many things these St. Joseph elementary school students are doing while they're off from school on Spring Break.
"Simon says" is just one of the many things some local children are doing at the YMCA today.

"We are playing games with the kids, they get to play in the gym, we're going swimming today, and all sorts of fun activities," says Whitney Davis, who is a counselor at this year's Spring Break Day Camp.

It's spring break for most elementary school children in St. Joseph.

But the "Y" says that's no excuse not to be active.

The day camp allows the kids to get out of the house and interact with other kids their age.

"They get to do things that they wouldn't be able to do at home.  They have the swimming pool here so they can swim rather than watch TV, and they get to be active," Davis adds.

The day camp is a real hit with parents too.

"It's a safe environment for the kids, they know what their kids are doing all day.  I think the parents enjoy this program.  They appreciate it," Davis said.

Susan Lizar is one of those parents.

As a full-time worker, says she loves that the YMCA can give her daughter something to do when she's not at school.

"She goes to bed with more energy than I wake up with so this allows her to get rid of a lot of that energy," Lizar said.

And the counselors say that it's healthier for the kids to be active and playing rather than just sitting at home while they're on vacation from school.

The cost is $10.00 per day for current SEP members and $15.00 Per Day for non-members.

St. Joseph pubic schools are on Spring Break through this Monday: April 25.
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