Next Round of Winter Weather Coming In

Next Round of Winter Weather Coming In

We began to see light snow and wind early Friday morning. But the big ticket will be much heavier snow after the sun goes down Friday night.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The snow actually began before the sun came up. 

Through the morning it has remained light and steady with slow accumulation.

We knew it would be this way, and as it continues it's no surprise to see this early morning light snow.

But the big ticket will be tonight's storm - after the sun goes back down.

St. Joseph and the surrounding area is looking at 3-4 inches of snow overnight, with the possibility of a little more in some local pockets.

Temperatures in the days after today will remain below freezing, so snow melt will not really happen.

And that sets the stage for yet another shot of winter weather (i.e. snowfall) on Tuesday.

Be careful everybody.
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