Despite Snow, School Starts On Time

Despite Snow, School Starts On Time

Snow is on the ground, and school is in session.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) There's snow on the ground, and they faced a low temperature in the single digits.

It's a tough way to start a day, much less a week of school.

But Bode Middle School assistant principal Janice Wing still takes the time to say hello to everyone who comes inside.

"I always like to greet the students as they arrive in the building," Wing said.  "And I gave them a little extra help out of the car so they wouldn't slip and slide."

The road that leads up to the school looks okay, but many of the side streets nearby are still a little tricky.

Administrators warn parents to be safe getting their children to school on time.

"Make sure that you take extra time in the car," Wing said.  "Take extra time to allow for the stop signs and we want everyone to arrive safely to the school.  We want to make sure that students who are in the car are safe and warm, and know that they're coming to school inside a warm building."

Despite the cold and slick conditions, school began on time.

When a winter storm hits during the school year, the St. Joseph School District always has a big decision to make.

"It's a collaborative decision," said Dr. Jake Long, Director of Transportation and Safety for the district.  "We get with our bus company, Apple Bus, and we get out and drive the roads and we see how the roads are doing and what streets are bad."

63 buses travel 138 routes each day, and 49 of those will be alternate routes while conditions are bad.

"These are locations that have typically had issues in the past: a stalled bus, or a slide; something that the feel if it has a little bit of snow cover it's not the safest for kids," Dr. Long said.

It's cold, and snowy, but inside the school it's warm.

Teachers say despite how it feels outside, this is a normal day of school.

"We are here to educate and we're here to have a day of learning," Wing said.  "They're going to be excited about the snow, but we can incorporate that into a class discussion and wrap it right around into our lessons."

And for Janice Wing, that still means beginning it outside, making sure a smiling face is the first thing everyone sees as they get to school.

The St. Joseph School District says it will be on a day-to-day basic determining what other days this week might have alternate bus routes.

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