Hot Week Continues, Hotter Days Ahead

Hot Week Continues, Hotter Days Ahead

Yet another day full of heat and humidity, and the next two days could be even hotter!
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Maybe you're used to it by now, but it's another day like the others so far this week: sunshine with a high in the mid 90s and a heat index approaching 100.

We'll do it today with a few more clouds, but that shouldn't obscure the sun too much and it will still be quite hot.

We're also still expecting extreme heat for Friday and Saturday, two days that could become to of the hottest so far this year.

Look for highs on those days to be in the upper 90s, with some local areas meeting or exceeding 100 degrees.

Thankfully, we're looking at a cool down by next week as highs return to the 80s, with lows in the 60s and 50s.
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